Production: Medio mundo Gestión Cultural

Running time:  70 minutes

Genre: Theatre

March 13, 2018

7:30 p.m.

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A frustrated mother thwarts the lives of her two children, a dancer and a collector of untranslatable words in a foreign language. Oscillating between darkness, poignant humor, violence, dance and poetry, the production rummages through the emotions of the human soul, centered on the “lítost”, a czech word that pinpoints the moment in which a human being becomes aware of their own decadence, mirror in which the mother does not want to see her own reflection.  Impeccable performances and dance moments that balance out and offer respite to the strong emotional charge.

Artistic and technical crew:

Text and Direction: Jimena Márquez

Performers: Gabriela Iribarren – Jimena Vázquez – Santiago Duarte

General Production: Medio Mundo Gestión Cultural

Executive Production: Carolina Escajal

Video, lighting and setting: Inés Iglesias

Score selection: Santiago Duarte

Graphic Design: Virginia Cabrera