Production: Rosanna Gamson/Worldwide

Running Time: 70 minutes

Genre: Dance

-Friday 9 March, 2018

-7:30 p.m.

-Teatro Balboa       BUY TICKETS

Inspired by the neuroscience of dreaming, it is an all evening dance in two acts for eight performers, featuring virtuosity dance in intimate and volatile duets, juxtaposes an elegant architectural choreography with violent improvisations. One of the most outstanding dance companies in L.A.

Critics have this to say: “The visual splendor is a welcoming component of Rosanna Gamson`s pieces” or “The effect is an exciting sensory experience, where movement, light and music join to tell a non-linear story.”

Artistic and technical crew:

Artistic Director and choreographer: Rosanna Gamson

Technical Director and lighting designer: Tony Shayne

Performers: Joseph Badalamente, Lavinia Findikoglu, Kearian Giertz, Kayla Johnson, Jacob Robleto, Montay Romero, Drea Sobke.