Production: Ballet Teatro Castro Alves – BTCA (Salvador/Bahia/Brazil)

Running time: 30 minutes.

Genre: Dance

Saturday, March 10, 2018

9:30 p.m.

Centro Cultural de España, Casa del Soldado

In the Embera culture, an aboriginal tribe located in Darien, Panama, we find the “Jaimaná” or “Jaibaná,” the witch, the Chaman, the botanic medicine man, the most beloved and respected man in town, and at the same time, the most feared, skilled in establishing connections with all the worlds, holding the power to cure, and, kill. For “Jaimaná,” every living being has a spirit or “jai,” which can bring diseases and attacks, healing and protection and, he is responsible of controlling it to help it do his work.

Artistic and technical crew:

Concept, performance, score and costume research: Luis Escobar

Assistant choreographers: Nelma Seixas and Ana Elisa Supra

Field research: Jose Elias Escobar Molina

Lighting design: Irma Vidal

Balé Teatro Castro Alves – BTCA (Salvador/Bahia/Brazil)

Artistic Direction: Antrifo Sanches

Artistic Advisor: Dina Tourinho