Production: Physical Momentum – Scenic Action

Running time: 50 minutes

Genre: Theatre dance

Monday 12, March 2018

7:30 p.m.

Teatro La Plaza             BUY TICKETS

This is a proposal that acts out the philosophical variables of our identity. It alludes to the “other” as well as, “one`s self”, to the otherness as well as the demonization and dehumanization of who we are as individuals. Overwhelmingly intense, with willful and technically powerful performers. A spectacle created by Francisco Córdoba, ranked one of the most emblematic performers of the Mexican dance scene, and pioneers in new trends and ruptures in stage performance.

Artistic and technical crew:

Original idea and creator: Francisco Córdova Azuela

Performers: Francisco Córdova, Alfonso López, Luis Vallejo, Carlos Zamora

Understudies: José Ramón Corral y Diego Sinniger

Scenography: Judith Colomer (Spain), Héctor Lara (Mexico)

Stage advisors: Roberto Olivan, Lali Ayguade, Claudia Lavista and Judith Tellez

Sound design: Omar Córdova (Process 1), Manuel Estrella (Process 2)

Dramaturgy advisor: José Alberto Gallardo

Cultural Promoter of the UE: Bernabé Rubio / Rotativa Performing Arts